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kenny in the john

September 2010

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kenny in the john


I watched Glee today and I am pleasantly surprised and impressed!  I haven't watched this series until last week with Charice singing "Listen". No, I made a mistake........I did watch the Madonna episode!  Well anyway, I decided then to just watch this series whenever I have the chance.  I don't need another show to add to my long list of TV shows in my DVR.  Big mistake! I am hooked! A friend of mine was right, he said I would be one of the biggest fan once I start watching the show.........he thought I've been watching it all along!  I think I love this show!

They had the Britney Spears episode.  That cheerleader(Brittany), that is Britney Spears namesake, is an amazing dancer!  While she was under anaesthesia at the dentist office she had a Britney fantasy. She lipsynced "I'm a slave (for you)" and "Me against the music".  Wow! She was as good, if not better, than Britney Spears in dancing.  Their dance routine was exceptional. I was really impressed.  She looked so much like Britney, I thought she was Britney! Well, I wasn't sure if she lipsynced or if it's really her voice. I haven't heard her before.  With "i'm a slave" they did a combination of Britney's more famous video scenes and britney get up( i.e. Ooops, I did it again red catsuit,  MTV get up with the yellow snake and the see-through, sequin-encrusted bodysuit of her 2000 MTV VMAs performance) That girl was sure hot!

I came to realize that I do like Britney's songs.  Well, the earlier albums.......before she became a trainwreck. :p   I can't believe I'm admitting this.......I might start downloading her songs in my ipod. Hahaha!x

I just didn't like the message this episode was trying to say, that Britney was more than a pop star, she's about building esteem. Uh, duh! Whatevs!

Btw, Rachel's crying in the end is starting to get annoying....... (as annoying as justin bieber's hair)

On a different note, today was a lazy day.  Had a long list of things to do on my day off but ended up getting up at 11am and doing soooo little.  I managed to get the most important things out of the way.......but I still have to cram them all in my schedule tomorrow. Darn!

After my afternoon walk today, I couldn't decide on what to eat. I was craving for so many things, I can't pick a single dish or snack.  I had my usual avocodo smoothie and was satieted for a while.  But when hunger sets back in, I decided on asparagus soup and.........and.........some crackers.  But I don't crackers on hand. Argh.....why  do I crave for what I don't have. Anyway, after rummaging my cupboards I found that I have a box of bibingka mix. Hmmm........that should go really good with my soup. So I made bibingka on an impulse and ended up burning the firsts 6 cups. :(  Even the freaking smoke alarm went off!  And with the remaining liquid mixture, I only filled up the cups half way through and lowered the oven temperature. Much better!

Between my chores and catching up with tv recordings, I hope I do a better job of getting them all done tomorrow.

Hmmm, I smell something burning.........Ooooops, I did it again!  :p


Ano ka ba, TOXIC RULES!

Btw, I don't follow Glee. The few times I caught in on TV, naiRITA ako dun sa brunette. At sa kanilang lahat actually, haha. Never was really into teenage or high school stuff even when I *was* in HS. But I do like the ibiang blonde though (but of course!)
TOXIC RULES! I love it! Hahaha!

Yeah, I don't like the brunette either. but i enjoy watching it. Kind of a Horatio situation. I watch the show even if i hate the lead. Hahaha!

Btw, how do feel about Sela Ward replacing Melena in CSi NY? :)
Ay, ok lang, hehe. I stopped watching NY when I learned that Stella had a one-night thing with Adam, heheheh. Basta ang napanood ko lang eh sa S6 yung kay Peyton na ep and one or two eps na andun yung Aubrey. Will try to 'thon para makahabol ako for S7.

Anyway, pinagkakaguluhan ko ngayon is Dr. Who ;-)
i'm still a csi las vegas fan. kahit wala na si papa grissom. :((

pati miami, pinapatulan ko pa rin. kahit so irritating ang H. grrr..

NY is still ok, hopefully mas gumanda with sela ward this season. i keep on expecting House to make sulpot sa one of the scenes...hehehe....(sela played House's ex-wife, in case you don't watch HOUSE). :) i'm watching ep 2 right now.

Naiintriga tuloy ako sa Dr. Who.....